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REGISTER FOR Family Connections Alumni Sessions 

We invite you to enhance your understanding and ability to apply Family Connections skills in your life. The best way to improve your skills is practice, practice, practice!

Join Sashbear for our monthly Alumni session - online via Zoom - for those who have completed either the 12-week or weekend intensive Family Connections course with good attendance.

(To register to take Family ConnectionsTM, go to our main website:

This monthly event is offered by experienced FC group leaders and invited guests. We focus on a specific Family Connections  skill each time, to deepen your understanding, look at the skills in a new perspective, and consider how to approach current challenges using the skills in your life.

Typical format includes a presentation on the monthly topic, interactive polls, and time for questions. 

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Please contact us with any other questions at

Upcoming events

Alumni sessions are usually held on the second Wednesday of the month. Our next alumni session is not yet open for registration. Please check back soon.

Yours in Skills and Hope

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